The construction industry has changed thanks to mobile technology. The following apps have changed the way that contractors manage their projects on- and off-site. Contractors no longer have to worry about keeping their paper blueprints on them and taking notes while on the job. Notes and plans can be created, managed and shared on smartphones and tablets. We know first hand how much technology can transform a business, as thousands of contractors use our remodeling invoice and estimate app, JobFLEX, to streamline their billing and quoting processes.

As programmers and developers keep pushing the boundaries of what apps can do, more remodeling contractors are turning to apps to help them do their work quickly and efficiently. Here are three of the best apps that will allow contractors to work smarter, not harder.


In a booming market, remodeling contractors must manage their time effectively to succeed. Timeero is a GPS enabled time tracking app that allows you to record clock in and clock out times for employees working on location. The features allow you to keep tabs on your employees at all times. This helps you ensure that your hours are correct and that employees are paid accurately. Timeero will eliminate the dreaded “Where are you?” calls from customers. Timeero can make a difference when it comes to your bottom line as well, as it guarantees employers will save 2-8% on payroll costs by eliminating time theft.

Timeero is available in the Google Play Store and the App Store.


PlanGrid is one of the best mobile applications for contractors of all trades. Architects, contractors, construction managers, and engineers can use this application to receive real-time updates and share files over a cell network or Wi-Fi. This removes the need for paper blueprints since you can keep track of the progress on the platform. It allows you to share important documents and photos, and it also allows you to track issues at the job site.

You have complete control over the project on this application. It’s one of the most comprehensive mobile apps when it comes to sharing drawings, notes, and plans. You can access your blueprints from anywhere as long as you have a data plan or internet connection. You can also create and add notes on each of your plans.

PlanGrid enables you to create and send requests to your fellow workers on each of your projects. This app is available on both Google Play and in the App Store


Fieldlens is a tool that helps contractors communicate issues among your team. You can share this with your team and subcontractors to document, report and share issues they run into during the course of a remodeling job. Many contractors are still using the old-fashioned approach to this by using spreadsheets or tracking it on paper, but with FieldLens the data is readily available via everyone’s mobile device. This device is most critical when it comes to sharing safety information, which is critical on the job site. Team members have the ability to add photos, videos, and attachments to provide however much detail is necessary when recording issues. Users can also create custom labels and tags for different times and equipment used.

FieldLens is available on the App Store and on Google Play.

Each of these remodeling apps will address different needs for different contractors. Together or individually they can change the way that you do business. Keep in mind that you don’t have to install all the available apps on your mobile phone and tablet. Just investing in a few handy apps can enable you to boost the productivity of you and your team.

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