Siding contractors have a huge workload with several responsibilities and can’t afford to waste time. As the construction industry continues to evolve, it is important to work smarter and not harder. Finding ways to increase your productivity will allow you to take on more projects and make more money. For siding contractors, a smartphone is one of the most valuable tools because of the many time-saving apps that are available.

These apps will take the hassle out of routine activities and allow contractors to jump right into projects. Whether you are looking for accurate measurements and calculations, quick visualizations or a more efficient way to create quotes and invoices, these 5 apps will change the way you work.

James Hardie Contractor’s Eye

By snapping just a few photos of a home’s exterior, the James Hardie Contractor’s Eye app can provide the measurements of siding, windows, and trim. This useful app can help contractors save time by producing results with 95% accuracy which will eliminate the need for constant re-measuring. Contractors will also be able to easily estimate the correct amount of materials needed which will help reduce waste while saving money. Since this app creates a scaled 3D model of a home, contractors are able to show their customers a visual of what their home will look like with different products and colors.


  • Access projects anytime and anywhere in the app or online
  • Patented technology provides an interactive 3D model of every property
  • Users typically experience a 5-15% increase in close rates

The James Hardie Contractor’s Eye app is available on iTunes and Google Play.

Siding Estimation Calculator

This app estimates the price of a siding project that can be useful for both homeowners and contractors. Get the cost of siding, windows and trim just by inputting the measurements.  For contractors, the Siding Estimation Calculator can give your business a competitive edge. Since it will provide a complete budget of a siding project, you can make sure the quote that is given to customers is comparable to other contractors in the area. As a contractor, pricing your services appropriately will help you continue to win business.

Key Features:

  • Quickly get accurate pricing on siding projects
  • Keep your business reliable and competitive with appropriate estimates

Find the Siding Estimation Calculator on iTunes and Google Play.


With the Hover app, your contracting business will be able to build a dependable reputation. Contractors are able to receive accurate exterior measurements so they are able to start projects quickly and turn business more frequently. These exterior measurements include windows, doors, trim, siding, and bricks while also providing line segments for soffit, corners, fascia and more. The interactive technology of the Hover app will help contractors visualize the finished product so they can produce the results their customers want.

Other features include:

  • Store prospective customers in the app before reviewing and approving properties
  • Start a project remotely by having customers upload photos of their home
  • With 3D technology you can visualize what remodels, products and colors will look like before a job even starts

The HOVER app is available to download on iTunes and Google Play.

Contractor Calculator

Take the hassle out of siding calculations with the help of the Contractor Calculator app. This app is full of useful features to help make a siding contractor’s job a little easier. Save time on projects by simply inputting your numbers and letting this versatile calculator do the work. By using the siding and brick feature, contractors can quickly figure out the measurements and conversions to get a project started while on the go. Losing important numbers from a job site is a thing of the past, once you have completed a calculation, you can save them to your projects for quick retrieval at any time. 

Check out these features:

  • Store your frequently used field calculations as favorites for easy access during a project
  • Square footage calculator and measurement conversion
  • A wide selection of industry-specific functions

Find the Contractor Calculator app on iTunes and Google Play.


After long days on the job, the last thing a siding contractor wants to do is draw up estimates and invoices. With the help of JobFLEX you can easily prepare professional documents before leaving the jobsite. Getting estimates to customers quickly is important because taking too long will increase the chances of their business going elsewhere. Getting paid on time has never been easier since estimates can be turned into invoices that will be in your customer’s hand as soon as the siding job is done. JobFLEX consistently helps contractors win new business and get paid, while eliminating the annoyance of paperwork.


  • Create professional estimates and invoices with photos and descriptions even without an internet connection
  • Easily reuse materials and prices that are stored within the app
  • Keep contacts, documents and jobs organized

JobFLEX can be found on Google Play.

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