Are you exhausted trying to track down customers who haven’t paid you yet for a completed job? As a contractor and small business owner, this can be a very frustrating situation to be in. Unfortunately, it’s something that occurs far more than we would like it to. Your business’s cash flow depends on customers paying on time, and things can really go haywire in a hurry when your receivables pile up. Plenty of contracting businesses have met their demise solely from cash flow problems. While you can work hard to implement best practices when it comes to getting paid on time, like having clear payment terms and thoroughly communicating with your customers, sometimes it still just isn’t enough. However, there is a solution to improve your percentage of on time payments from customers and avoid wasting your time trying to track down late payments. JobFLEX.

The JobFLEX app is an invoice and estimate app that can be used to keep your business organized by streamlining this time-consuming paperwork. JobFLEX is available as a mobile app for Android devices and a web application and it allows you to instantly generate your invoices so that you can send it to your customer right after a job is completed so you can get paid immediately. Also, with JobFLEX, your estimates and invoices can be easily customized with pictures and descriptions as necessary for each customer and job.

No matter what industry you are in, the JobFLEX app can take the hassle out of getting paid. Common industries that utilize JobFLEX include:

jobflex payment terms

One of the key elements in avoiding late payments is consistency. When you create invoices and estimates by hand or from scratch on your computer, you run the risk of forgetting to add payment terms or adding them inconsistently. Further, if your jobs are “due upon receipt” it’s a huge pain to write up an invoice by hand while you’re on the job site. Worse, if you can’t create an invoice on the job site, you have to head back to the office to put it together there and then send it to the customer. At this point you’ve already missed the required invoice terms. With JobFLEX you can instantly turn your existing estimate into an invoice which includes your chosen default payment terms. This saves you time and lets you leave with payment in hand.


  • Create estimates and invoices from anywhere, even without an internet connection
  • Utilize consistent payment terms and late payment penalties
  • Keep your paid and open invoices organized with simple reporting
  • Create consistent, professional-looking invoices and estimates

We all want to get paid, and JobFLEX makes it easier than ever for contractors to keep their cash flow healthy. The interface is remarkably easy, allowing you to upload your price list for consistent pricing and crank out estimates or invoices with just a few taps on your mobile device, or a few clicks from our web app. JobFLEX also offers a free trial, so you can see for yourself just how easy it can be to start getting paid faster.

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