Technology has greatly influenced and changed the construction industry in recent years with advancements that are incredibly helpful for running your day to day business. No more worrying about keeping track of your invoices and projects with traditional pen and paper. There are a wide variety of mobile solutions for contractors that have been tailored to specific industries that will make your life easier. Time is valuable and when using an app, contractors can focus more on successfully completing the job at hand rather than focusing on creating or managing documents. Today we’ll take a look at the top three insulations apps contractors can leverage for assistance in running and organizing their businesses. Most apps include a free demo so that you can test out the software before you decide to buy.


This app from Icynene-Lapolla Technical Support is designed to provide documentation including product manuals, health and safety information, MSDS sheets, calculators, training videos and troubleshooting tips for spray foam insulation. If your staff has questions, or your customers need documentation, this is an excellent app for quickly accessing, downloading and distributing necessary info.

The Icynene app is available on Android.

invoicing templates with payment terms


There are few more tedious tasks for insulation contractors than putting together estimates and invoices. Needless to say, we wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t mention our own estimating and invoicing app for insulation contractors. JobFLEX makes it simple for you to create your own quotes and invoices that are consistent and professional right from your mobile device. This means you can assemble and email an accurate and detailed estimate while walking a job site or turn an estimate into an invoice after completing the job with a few taps on your Android device.

The JobFLEX app is available on Android.

Housecall Pro

Housecall Pro is an all-in-one app allowing insulation contractors to manage their business. The tool lets you schedule jobs and do online bookings, send “on my way” communications when your team is in route, and also manages follow up marketing and reviews for your business. Another nice feature if you manage a team, is the GPS function which allows you to see a live map of where each person is performing a job. From start to finish Housecall Pro has features that just about any insulation contractor would find useful for communicating with clients to managing their employees.

The Housecall Pro app is available on iPhone and Android.

Which app is right for you?

All of the applications that have been discussed are useful to insulation contractors in one way or another. It’s important that you take the time to review all your options and see how these apps integrate with your business processes as well as your goals. In many instances, particularly with JobFLEX, these apps can help develop improved processes which leads to more streamlined estimating and invoicing which lead to winning more jobs and getting paid more quickly. As mentioned previously, these apps and many others have free trial versions, so feel free to try a few out before settling on a paid version. It is a lot easier to decide which app is most helpful when you have actually tried a few out to compare them against each other.

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