We’re going to be making a lot of noise about our news later this spring but we’re just too excited to keep it to ourselves until then.

JobFLEX is coming to Google Play™!

In Spring 2015, the JobFLEX app will officially be available on Google Play™! This means more contractors and service professionals will be able to discover the power-packed mobile app that’s already helped so many business owners to save more time, quote more work, close more sales, and make more money!

The Google Play™ launch also means that a whole new version of the JobFLEX mobile app is coming your way. We’ve revolutionized the easiest-to-use quote app on the market to include a bunch of great new features and a whole new look and feel. The new and improved JobFLEX app will feature a simplified interface, some new features to make materials list edits even easier, and quick in-app access to account settings.

The most exciting part of our not-so-little secret, though, isn’t that we’re opening up the floodgates to Google Play users or that the new version of the app is stocked with awesome feature and functionality upgrades. The big news is that we’re adding a FREE package to the JobFLEX pricing options!

New FREE Version of JobFLEX Quote App

  • FREE: Use the JobFLEX mobile app to create quotes for up to 50 customers (coming soon!)
  • BASIC ($49/mo): Create quotes for an unlimited number of customers and upload your quotes to a secure, digital file directory to keep them organized and easy to access
  • PRO ($99/mo): Multiple users, unlimited customers, a digital file directory AND customer management tools, scheduling and features, and easy-to-use reports

The free version of the JobFLEX mobile app will allow contractors and service professionals to take the app for a spin with zero strings attached and, unlike other free quote and estimating apps in the Play Store, we’re offering over 3x more hands-on time with the app.

We couldn’t be more excited about this upcoming release because we’re so passionate about delivering a powerful, easy-to-use tool for contractors to get out ahead of their competition. Stay tuned for more details on the release as we get closer to the big day in Spring 2015!

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*Google Play is a trademark of Google Inc.

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