Gone are the days of dealing with paper blueprints and notes. Mobile technology has changed the way that construction professionals handle their jobs on-site and off-site. Plans are now made available on mobile phones and tablets. As mobile technology improves, more contractors are turning to concrete apps that allow them to perform their jobs quickly. Here are five of the best apps for construction professionals that do concrete work.


E-Builder is a construction management app that provides you access to real-time performance dashboards. Not only will you be able to increase productivity, but you’ll also cut down on project costs. Contractors know how hard it is to keep track of multiple projects across multiple job sites. This app claims it can cut down project costs by 4% and increase productivity up to three times.

Its real-time analytics and dashboard allow you to collaborate with your team as you manage multiple projects and reduce cycle times. It allows you to work harder and faster so you can get your project done on time. Collaboration helps increase productivity among your team. It makes it easier to work with contractors, designers, and suppliers. E-Builder is available on Google Play and iTunes.


Concrete contractors know the importance of winning jobs and getting paid, and JobFLEX can make your life a lot easier on both fronts. This mobile app is designed to make creating estimates as simple as possible from your Android device – with or without an internet connection. Import price lists and descriptions to create and email a professional looking PDF quote with just a few taps of your phone or tablet. When the job’s complete, you can turn estimates into invoices in a matter of seconds to make sure you get paid quickly. This is one concrete app you can’t afford to miss! JobFLEX is available in Google Play, or via their web app.

TrueLook Photography

TrueLook Photography replaces your smartphone’s camera since it takes hi-res images of each of your job sites. It requires the use of drones to take aerial footage. The drones are deployed by professional pilots who take photos and videos of your work, which can be an excellent way to showcase your concrete work. From above, before-and-after photos are taken of your jobs. This free app is available on Google Play and iTunes.


This cloud-based app combines scheduling with time tracking. It’s the ultimate app for construction professionals of all kinds. This app reduces the need for paper punch cards and timesheets. It’s integrated with all of your accounting and payroll platforms such as Gusto, Quickbooks, Square, Xero, among others. This app allows you to manage, track, and report your time.

Notable features include GPS and Who’s Working to notify administrators about which crew members are working in real time. Other features allow you to receive updates when your employees aren’t clocked in as planned. TSheets also allows you to save up to 8% on payroll costs by eliminating the need for manual time recording. It’s one of the most cost-effective mobile management apps for construction professionals who are always on the go or work at various job sites. This app is available on Google Play and iTunes.

Red Cross First Aid

Red Cross First Aid is one of the best apps used for safety. From the moment that you download this app, you’ll have access to a first-responder at your fingertips. Each of its step-by-step videos provides instructions for broken bones, strains, sprains, among other problems.

Contractors are aware of the importance of safety. And it’s imperative to maintain this form of safety on the job. This interactive app includes a combination of quizzes, step-by-step instructions, and videos, which tell you how to handle unexpected emergencies with ease. It even has a Spanish language tool for Spanish speakers.

Red Cross First Aid is available for Google Play and iTunes. Or, you can text FIRST to 90999 to download the app. 

Other favorite concrete apps?

If you’re a concrete contractor with a favorite app that’s not on the list send us a message and let us know!

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