Being a handyman, you can find yourself in tough situations in trying to complete a job effectively and not having enough time to focus on what’s most important. While this can be a tedious job at times, it is also very rewarding. Lucky for you, there are many different applications out there that can serve as a helpful tool to you in completing handyman tasks. Each app described has its very own unique features and benefits to make your life a little bit easier as a handyman. We’ve compiled the ultimate list of beneficial apps for handymen and what makes each of them unique.

DEWALT Mobile Pro | Available on Android

This app is a top pick among handymen allowing you to make important calculations that are accurate with just a few taps. Whether you need to get a measurement for an object in inches or the volume of an area, this app is able to provide you with those calculations. This app has been designed specifically for construction professionals to ensure you can get the job done right the very first time.

A few of the features of this app:

  • Instant calculations for on the job measurements
  • Use of real-world examples
  • Ability to share calculation results via email
  • Accurately does the math so you don’t have to
  • Provides you with all necessary formulas for handymen

GasBuddy | Available on Android

This app is super helpful for finding the best gas prices in the area you’re in. This can be especially helpful for handyman contractors as you’re always on the go traveling from one job to another. The software will track down all gas stations in the area and pinpoint which ones have cheaper gas in comparison to others. This results in you saving both time and money! No matter where you’re located, this app can use your current location to give you real-time gas prices.

A few of the features of this app:

  • Always find the cheapest gas prices
  • Save more money
  • Add your vehicle to be notified of any recalls
  • Alerts for price hikes before they happen
  • Report gas prices to other fellow drivers

JobFLEX | Available on Android

JobFLEX is the best estimating and invoicing app for handymen due to its ease of use and features. No more spending hours trying to put together an estimate or invoice for someone that looks sloppy – JobFLEX can do all the work for you so you have time to focus on what’s important. With just a few taps, you can turn a quote into an invoice, and have it sent directly to the customer. It’s really that easy.

A few of the features of this app:

  • Create estimates and invoices from anywhere
  • Access to professional invoice templates
  • Easy payment tracking
  • Support of multiple users
  • Use of smart invoicing terms

Angie’s List | Available on iOS and Android

Angie’s List is a great platform for handymen to market their services. You can list the type of work that you can do on the Angie’s List site via the app and from there customers can find you. There is also a helpful price guide tool provided by this app that allows you to correctly price the services that you are offering in a particular area. This makes it seamless for customers to search for a certain service and be connected to your business.

A few of the features of this app:

  • Price guide for all types of jobs
  • Access to discounts and coupons
  • Real customer reviews of service providers
  • Access to a wide variety of service providers
  • Tips for planning home improvement projects

Other Helpful Handyman Apps

TaskRabbit | Available on iOS and Android

If you need extra help with organization and prioritizing your tasks, this is the perfect app for you! You are able to organize literally everything in this app including delegating tasks to your workers so you can focus on more important business. If you need to find someone to hire to complete a specific job, you can do that with this app, too.

Thumbtack | Available on Android

This is an app that will help you find the best professionals to help you get the job done if you need more workers.  Whether you have a small task that needs to be completed such as fixing a leak or a bigger issue such as building a new addition on a home, there is a specialist that Thumbtack can find for you in your local area.

The Family Handyman DIY Tip Genius | Available on Android

This app has a wide variety of different DIY tips that can make any home improvement project a little easier to complete and is good for professionals and amateurs. Regardless of the specific project you are taking on, there are specific categories to give you the helpful information that you need. These tips will help you improve your work and also make it easier to complete the task.

BrightNest | Available on Android

This app is full of helpful and handy tips that you might need when doing work on a house. From tips on making certain tasks easier to information on ideas for redesigning a room, this app has a little bit of everything to offer. This is your one-stop-shop for any tips or information you might need when managing a home improvement project.

Surface Level | Available on iOS

This app can help you measure things of any type and can even be used in different situations to find out the distance between certain objects. Therefore, this app really comes in handy for contractors and handymen on the job and needing a measurement for something quickly. You can even save your measurements and results at the end for future reference.

Paint Tester | Available on iOS and Android

Want to paint your walls but you aren’t quite sure how the finished color will look on the walls? This app is perfect as you can test out any colors on your walls and see what the finished product will look like without even having to put a coat of paint on your walls. There are also a variety of other tools featured in this app that allows you to re-decorate your space in a virtual setting to see what it has the potential to look like.

Woodworking with The Wood Whisperer | Available on iOS

This app will provide you with everything you need to know about wood. There are videos, projects, and relevant articles that can help you better complete your job or project at hand. If you are working with wood, this app is an essential resource for completing any task that deals with wood.

Fieldwire | Available on iOS and Android

This app allows you to keep track of your entire team by scheduling work, tracking punch lists, and more through this integrated software. Conveniently draw blueprints and make markups that can be shared throughout your field team. Feel connected with your team and the project you’re working on no matter where you are.

Evernote | Available on iOS and Android

Evernote is an essential app for handymen allowing you to take notes, capture photos, and more from wherever you are. The integrated platform allows you to sync this information across multiple devices allowing everyone on your team to have access. Create new ideas and begin projects at any time of the day with this handy app.

Did we miss any other great handyman apps?

If you are a handyman that uses an app that didn’t make it on our list, let us know what it is!

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