There can be several reasons why a contractor is not winning new business, but many do not realize their estimates could be the culprit. Estimates can show a lot about a business, from their professionalism to their organization, and by using JobFLEX a contractor can ensure they are producing quality estimates for their customers. Many contractors make the same common mistakes when developing an estimate and these mistakes could be costing them business. Below are 5 different reasons your estimates aren’t winning new business, as well as, how an app like JobFLEX can help.

1. Unprofessional Appearance

As with any business, lack of professionalism could be a huge deal breaker for a customer. Handwritten estimates look unprofessional, are time consuming and to customers, this could act as a reflection of how you run your business. This era of consumers has become so tech savvy that it only makes sense to start digitizing your estimates. Customers love the convenience of a clean, easy to read, and appealing document they can access from their laptop or phone. With a wealth of app and software options at your fingertips, the time has come to stop handwriting your estimates.

There are many online templates and apps that make curating professional-looking estimates fast and simple, including JobFLEX. Our app allows contractors to easily use their smartphones or tablets to quickly create a PDF of their estimate. JobFLEX gives contractors the ability to get important information, including pricing and descriptions, to their customers in an up-to-date, professional manner.

2. Taking Too Long

Your estimates could be costing you new business because you are taking too long to get it to your customer. This is a common mistake that might not even seem like a big deal, but it is. Smart customers shop around for different quotes when looking for a contractor, if they are waiting on an estimate from you but already received an estimate from your competitor three days ago, it is likely you will not win that business. Some contractors also take too long to follow up on estimates they’ve already provided. If a potential customer has gotten multiple quotes, sometimes a quick follow up is all it takes to win the job.

How can JobFLEX help? With our app you can send estimates to your customers quicker than ever. On your smartphone or tablet you can build the estimate while you are on the jobsite (even without an internet connection) and have it sent directly to your customer within seconds, and it will set you apart from competitors who are dragging their feet. As for following up, JobFLEX allows you to run a report each week on outstanding estimates so you can follow up with any you haven’t heard back on.

3. Missing Elements

When elements are missing from an estimate, it could cause customers to lose their trust and take their business elsewhere. Customers do not like to feel misled, even if it is unintentional, which is why it is crucial to ensure that all necessary information is present and accurate on an estimate. The standard elements that need to be on every estimate are the job description, labor and materials including their prices and descriptions, total cost, payment terms and contact information. It is important to lay everything out for a potential customer in the estimate so they know exactly what to expect and are not blindsided by anything after you’ve started the job.

JobFLEX comes in handy by offering user-friendly software that makes it simple to ensure your customers are getting a complete estimate. By being able to upload your own list of products, services, prices and descriptions you can generate accurate results in just a few taps. A variety of payment term options can be added by default to each estimate to keep your business’s terms consistent from estimate to estimate.

4. Not Including Payment Terms

The common mistake of not including payment terms in an estimate can be very detrimental to both you and your customers. When payment terms are not included in a quote, it puts you at risk of losing business opportunities. Customers rely on payment terms to get a clear view of what they owe and when they owe it as well as for budgeting purposes. Many customers make late payments, not because they do not want to pay you, but because they did not know when their payment was due. When payment terms are not included in an estimate, contractors often have to track down customers for a payment. This can be avoided by setting payment expectations from the get-go.

By using JobFLEX, you will be doing both you and your customers a favor by being organized and prepared. The app provides automatic invoice and contract terms as well as late payment reporting. We offer many options of payment terms to keep a business’ cash flow solid. Whether you choose an early payment incentive or just have the payment due upon receipt, our app can make sure that the terms are clearly articulated in every estimate. JobFLEX also allows for late payment disclosures and any other details regarding payments to be added.

5. Inappropriate Pricing

As previously mentioned, smart customers will shop around when looking for a contractor. If your pricing is much higher than other quotes, it is likely customers will not want to work with you.  There are multiple websites like HomeAdvisor’s True Cost Guide that show what the average cost is in your area for similar services, and you should use them to your advantage to make sure your pricing is in line with your local market.

Inappropriate pricing on an estimate can tarnish your reputation, but with JobFLEX you can be sure that pricing will be consistent for customers. After your price research is done, you can make any necessary adjustments to your reusable pricing list in the app for all your future jobs. By doing this, you will guarantee each customer will be charged the same rate for the same product or service, creating consistent, reliable pricing for your business. Our app also allows contractors to create package pricing by offering different bundles of options and services.

If your estimates have elements of any of the five points above, click the link below to start your free trial. Start winning new business with the help of JobFLEX.

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