There are a number of unique aspects that come with owning your own lawn care or landscaping business. Being on the go, constantly traveling to different clients requires you to be able to access important business documents such as contracts and invoices no matter where you are. However, with smartphones and advances in technology, there are a lot of solutions to help you access this information via apps that can allow you to run your business virtually anywhere. There are countless apps available to help you run your business, so how do you know which lawn care business app is the best fit for you? We will walk you through the top 10 apps that can help make your business processes run smoother and give you time to focus more on what’s really important. 

iTimePunch Plus

This app provides business owners with a solution for keeping track of an employee’s time, expenses, vacation time, and sick time all in one place. This app is user-friendly and is organized in a structured way, making it simple to manage everything. Your employees have the ability to clock in and out from their own device with real-time GPS tracking so you can keep track of each employee. This app is available on iPhone, iPad, Desktop, and Android devices. iTimePunch offers comprehensive reporting, cross-platform integration, real-time GPS tracking and a simple method for employees to punch in and out.


JobFLEX understands how difficult it is to juggle running your business while also successfully completing landscaping projects. Creating estimates and invoices are essential to your business running smoothly, but this process can be time-consuming for business owners. This app allows you to drag and drop specific items and costs right into a professional-looking custom invoice template. Make your life easier by using this app available on Android devices. JobFLEX also offers invoice tracking and almost endless customizations of invoices and estimates where you can create default invoicing terms and much more.


Dropbox is a convenient app for your lawn care business as you can easily share important files between employees. You can access any of your documents through a desktop computer or via a mobile device. Also, another great feature is that each one of your business files is stored for you instantaneously without needing to worry about carrying around a USB drive or potentially losing anything.  


Evernote is the ultimate platform for organizing and managing business documents and notes. You can connect your team and work seamlessly together from virtually anywhere. Manage each one of your current and past clients and projects all in one place with this software.


This app is very helpful when it comes to obtaining accurate measurements of a property. You can simply enter the address of a home or business and from there you are able to view all relevant measurements of the property. You can also take a virtual step out onto the property to get landscape ideas right from your phone. This app is available on the app store for both iPhone and Android devices. 

Lawn Buddy

This is the perfect software to use for your lawn care business as you can manage your entire business from one place. Not only can you get access to the best routes for the day’s jobs, but you can also keep track of employee scheduling and online payments. This is a great app to use for efficiently running your business and keeping track of employees. 

The Weather Channel

As a business owner of a landscaping or lawn care business, you know how the weather plays a critical role in completing jobs for the day and managing your schedule. The Weather Channel app allows you to get push notifications sent to your device that will update you on the weather for a particular area broken down by the hour. This app is available on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. 


The GreenPal app allows you to look at the homeowners in a specified area and what they are searching for in a professional to maintain their lawn. You are also given the opportunity to bid on jobs that help bring new customers right to your doorstep with minimal time and effort spent searching for them. This app is available on iPhone and Android devices. 


Sometimes you meet with clients and they are completely unsure of what kind of tree or plant is on their property. To make identification easier, this app allows you to simply take a picture of the leaves on the tree and then uses recognition software to determine what kind of tree it is. This can be a very helpful tool for landscapers. It is available on both iPhone and Android devices.

Are you a lawn care or landscaping professional with an app you can’t live without? Let us know what it is and we’ll update our list!

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