In the world of invoice apps and software there are a dizzying amount of choices for just about any business nowadays. Knowing this, how do you sift through the sea of marketing noise and try to decide which piece of software or which solution is right for you? While it would be nice if there was an easy answer to this question, the truth is you need to do your research before you start spending your money and making a literally costly mistake.

What are your invoicing and estimating requirements?

If you’re on this website there’s a good chance that you’re a contractor. As a contractor, your invoicing and estimating needs are probably a lot different than a giant corporation or a flower shop. When you start looking for a solution for your invoicing and estimating needs, it’s probably smart to start jotting down a list of things that you need your solution to do. Some examples:

  • Create estimates from the job site
  • Work with or without internet access (for work on remote jobs)
  • Be accessible from your computer and your mobile device
  • Access for up to X number of users
  • Store price lists with descriptions and images
  • Ability to run reports on past due invoices

Those are just a few examples, but it’s important to have a defined list of needs when you approach this process. As you start your search and start sifting through available features, you can quickly cast aside solutions that don’t meet your basic requirements.

What don’t you need?

Perhaps just as important as defining your requirements is knowing what you don’t need. If you run a two-person operation and a solution’s minimum user number is up to 25 licenses, you’re likely paying for a lot of things you don’t need. You’ll probably also want to look at features like reporting, which can often include excessive bells and whistles that smaller contracting businesses simply don’t need. As you go through the features of any solution you’re considering, make note of all of these items that are outside the scope of your business. Too much window dressing means you’re paying for features you don’t need and will end up with an interface that’s overly complicated because it’s full of elements that you’re never going to use.

So why JobFLEX?

If that bulleted list above sounds like a lot of things that you could use in an invoicing and estimating solution, that’s because JobFLEX was built to do all those things. JobFLEX was built by contractors for contractors. JobFLEX is a lean, mean, invoicing and estimating machine that has all the features you need while trimming the fat of more costly, less user-friendly solutions.

JobFLEX offers all of the following:

  • Simple, easy to navigate user interface
  • Customizable, professional looking invoice and estimate templates
  • Ability to send invoices and estimates on site, right from your mobile device
  • Online web application for easy access to all your data from your computer
  • Easy to use reporting for open quotes and overdue invoices

But don’t just take our word for it, see what some of our users are saying!

These are just some highlights of the reviews we’ve received from the Google Play Store. If you want to dig in a little deeper, go see for yourself.

Scott W.
“Exactly what I was looking for! The first day using it I inputted 5 contracts. I also included pics of the job scope as well as a pic of my regular contract with a receipt. Because of this app I closed 20% of my quotes. Thanks again!”

David K.
“I built my business with this application. The professional look and ease of use is great. The best part, allowing my customers to sign a quote through email. Another huge benefit is the JobFlex cloud. If you lose your phone everything is backed up.”

Benjamin B.
“I have used this app, upgraded and purchased the monthly subscription, and it has gotten me sooooo many compliments from my customers, it’s unbelievable! So professional and easy to use! I would recommend this to anyone who needs to send multiple estimates, multiple times a day, to multiple customers!”

Where competitors fall short

When you start looking at options for an invoicing and estimating solution you’ll find a few common themes when it comes to user complaints. Of course, we always recommend taking a free trial when possible to see for yourself, but where there’s smoke there’s often fire if you see the same issues popping up consistently. Ones that we see and hear from people who switch over to JobFLEX include:

  • Not easy to use
  • Invoices and estimates aren’t backed up
  • Lack of ability to track or record sent items
  • Little or no flexibility for pricing or pricing packages
  • No ability to duplicate estimates or invoices
  • Frequent, unnecessary updates where features are added or removed

As mentioned, if a solution fits your specifications it’s worth giving it a free trial. Fortunately, JobFLEX offers a free trial, just follow this link and see how well it works for your business.

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